This is your first blog post…shit

The bold lettering that reads “This is your first blog post” just scared the hell outta me.

Blogs intrigue me. I can spend hours reading blogs from photographers I admire (Hello, Jessica Roberts), child birth, mom blogs, you name it, I’ll read it. But me? I am not a blogger. I don’t have an interesting life. I wake up (late), take Elseigh to school (late), and go to work (late.) To be honest, I’m just a plain ole person who’s always…yep you guessed it, late.


However, this blog will be ALL about Tickled Peach Photography. Now it is indeed interesting, full of pretty people, and always changing!

I’ll start out by telling you just a little about myself. I’m Jenna. I’m a mama to a spunky, sassy, and beautiful two year old little girl, Elseigh. I moved back to my southern roots September of 2015. Life has a way of throwing things in your face, laughing and saying “I told ya so.” ha-ha good one. When I moved home, an old spark reignited and I’m lovin up on an old high school flame who just so happened to ask me in 08′ if I had a new years kiss. Fast forward a few long years, I found him being my New Years kiss for 2016. He’s oh so handsome, supports my every dream, and is always up for an adventure with me. And well, here we are in 2016, many kisses later and I wouldn’t change a thing and couldn’t ask for a better person to stand beside me.




When I moved home, one of my sisters mentioned that she is needing family pictures taken soon. Now photography has ALWAYS been an interest of mine. I remember (mama)  buying my first “digital” camera and riding home with that thing sitting pretty in my ten year old lap. I thought I was the ish. Sepia, Vignette, and selective color, anyone? My little cousins, who just so happen to go on some of my photography adventures now, were my models. Some of those pictures are still hanging on refrigerators in my grandmas house. You’ll die when (if) you ever see them. So back to my sister, (Told yall blogging is not my thing, I’m way to scatterbrained) I told her I would love to do them! Cue us at noon in full sun with six children and ten chicks (Easter time!) They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great. I actually snapped one picture that I will ALWAYS cherish I’ll post it below!

girls canvas.jpg

It’s far from perfect, BUT it shows our girls’ personalities PERFECTLY. And for that reason alone, I’ll slap this thing on a canvas and display it everywhere.

I started Tickled Peach Photography in March of 2016. I’ve cried, cussed, laughed and LEARNED so much! It’s always changing and I’m always looking for ways to improve and better my business. I hope yall stick around and enjoy this chaotic life as much as I do!

PS. I had to go through and add “yall” into my dictionary. Who’s dictionary is it anyway? A yankee?


  1. I loved reading ur blog and look forward to seeing your pics every time you do a new shoot! So proud of you! “And ur not even my kid”! Keep doing what u love and love will always find you!❤️👍🏻👊🏻.

    Hope Walk


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