Susanne + Chris | Engagement | Lenox, GA

Chris, a high school football coach had his eye on Susanne, a nurse, after mutual friends attempted to set them up. Susanne played hard to get. After 9 months, she finally agreed to go on a date to Friends, a pretty well known cafe style restaurant in Valdosta. One of my favorites!

According to Susanne, they went on the date and the rest was history. (pun intended, Chris is a history teacher at the local high school.)

These two are the cutest little couple. Chris is such a romantic and Susanne is the most adorable little thing.

I am so so so ready for their wedding this year!





We had to do a “high school hallway” pose.

These two are so fun!


When I mentioned that Chris is such a romantic, I 100% meant it. He saves receipts from dates, movie tickets, and anything else that ties him and his “Sue” together.

(Where’s the swoon emoji?)


Chris + Sue, I will see y’all in July!



  1. These photos are amazing Susanne!! Love that these two souls found each other!! They couldn’t be more perfect together!! Gorgeous photography @tickled peach photography!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, incredible pictures! Suzanne you are true beauty, inside and out! I’m so happy to see YOU happy ❤ I wish the very best


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