Tori + Adam | Engagement | Gin Creek


Tori + Adam are straight magic. I know how cliche that sounds but I’m not kidding. If you know Tori, you know she has a heart of gold, the best personality, but is as clumsy as a toddler just off the spin ride at the play ground.

She’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Goofy as ever. And Adam loves every single ounce of her gold heart, full of life personality, and he’s always there to catch her when I ask for the walking towards me but look at each other picture. She falls EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’ve known Tori for a longggg time. She deserves the world and Adam, I think you’re just the one to give it to her.

They laughed together, played together and flirted their way through their engagement session. I think it’s pretty easy to see the chemistry these two put off.

March, where ya at?


Adam insisted that he could, in fact, do the dirty dancing lift so we made him prove it.

He was right.




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