Brandi + Ryan | Married | Nashville, GA

So, confession time.

I was actually a little excited when it started raining on Brandi + Ryan’s Wedding Day.

I know, what photographer is happy that its raining? Well if you know Brandi + Ryan, they are such a fun couple. Brandi was all about portraits with umbrellas and they are actually now some of my favorite Husband + Wife portraits that I’ve ever taken!

It did slack up and we were able to take some without the umbrellas also! The Wedding Party was so much fun! So easy going and just fun to photograph! And lets also mention those bridesmaid dresses!!

Ryan + Brandi’s ceremony has been one of the most emotional ceremonies I have experienced. Ryan is SO in love with Brandi and it’s the sweetest thing.

Brandi & Ryan, thank you both for allowing me to be apart of your special day! I had a blast and wish you all the happiness that you both deserve!


also, can we all appreciate how excited Ryan is once he was able to kiss his Bride and walk back up the aisle with his BRIDE!


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