Suzanne + Kevin | Married | Naylor, GA

This job allows me to see a lot of love stories in all types of storylines and fairy tails.

Kevin’s + Suzannes may be one of my favorites.

When I met Suzanne at Starbucks, I was instantly drawn to her. We talked about our lives, where we had been and where we were going. I don’t think I’ve ever just sat and talked to a stranger for that long, but if you know Suzanne, she doesnt remain a stranger for long. I left feeling like I was her friend. I have been pumped for their wedding for quite awhile. And it did not let me down!


How sweet is Kevin’s reaction to seeing her!!!


Loved this entire family!


Right in the middle of the prayer, Sophia looked at me and said “ARE WE PWAYIN???” When I nodded yes, she instantly bowed her head and closed her eyes. Love her!




They are so FUN!


Happy Honeymooning, Mr&Mrs.Beals!



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