ShowIt United Conference | Tempe, Arizona

I’ve been home from Arizona for almost a week now and I still can’t process everything from ShowIt United 2017. The people I met, the gorgeous models I got to photograph, the scenery and landscaping of beautiful Arizona, or the late night UberEats in the hotel room with one of my best girlfriends.

From closing down the dance floor and being ushered home in the CEO of ShowIt’s minivan to having a drink named after me at the resort bar, from being awake for 48 hours straight and deciding a trip to target was a good idea (it wasn’t.) to being randomly chosen to be searched at the airport and almost missing our redeye home, there are SO many good stories to share.

This trip was one of the most eyeopening experiences of my entire 24 year old life and I have a pretty good feeling next year will top it!

Now onto the prettiness…



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