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Hi Friends!


I’m Jenna! I am a wedding + portrait photographer who currently calls South Georgia home. A native of South Georgia, but have been blessed to call South Carolina and North Carolina home also! I’m a free spirit, loud, outgoing, twenty four year old creative who thrives on love + the ability to catch it in an image.

I recently quit my 9-5 Banker job to pursue what made my heart happy. I believe life is too short to spend your days not doing what makes your soul feel replenished and what brings a smile to your face. Dreams aren’t just for sleeping, they’re for chasing. Go chase yours.

 I love meeting new people, traveling to new places and making life long friends.

Diet Coke, Cupcakes, Donuts, and Toddler Clothes make me giddy.

Take a look around, see if we’re a match and if so, shoot me a message. I’d love to get coffee, ice cream, or wine (hint hint) and chat about your love story.



Jenna Clark